cover of Third Mind, The - The Third Mind

The Third Mind – The Third Mind

2011, Spain
00:32:13; 75M; 323JS; 1114;
  1. Inside The Control Machine - 4:55
  2. In Present Time - 4:03
  3. Let The Mice In - 7:16
  4. The Death Of Mrs. D - 6:56
  5. Hieroglyphic Silence - 3:43
  6. Calling All Active Agents - 5:20

Don Malfon: Alto and Baritone Saxophone
Alvaro Rosso: Double Bass
Julián Bonequi: Drums and Insane Vocals
El Pricto: Conductor

Tracks 1, 3, 5 and 6 composed and conducted by El Pricto.

Track 4 is a conducted improvisation.

Track 2 is a free improvisation (without conducting).

Recorded, mixed and mastered by El Pricto at The Hodge Podge, Barcelona.

Concept by El Pricto, inspired on the book "The Third Mind" by William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin.

The cover is an extract from the book cover of the 1982 edition, copyright owned by Seaver Books.
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